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What Are The House Decoration Tips?

Jan 07, 2020

1. Experienced friends know that kitchen and bathroom decoration takes up half of the energy of the whole decoration. It is recommended that the kitchen operation table be made into an L-shaped layout no matter what the type is. During the design stage before construction, the three major points of the operation table, refrigerator, microwave oven, and storage space should be based on the family's frequent activities in the kitchen. The actual needs of members need to be planned in advance.

2. The cabinet operation table should be designed to be attached to the wall, and a water blocking panel should be provided. It should be sealed with glass glue so that there is no need to worry about the water flowing to the corner of the kitchen or the wall being wet during washing. Cabinets and range hoods should be installed before the ceiling.

3, the kitchen floor tiles should try to choose non-slip, the kitchen has been used for a long time, the ground is inevitably stained with oil, there are elderly people cooking at home, this point should pay special attention.

4. The cabinet can be equipped with a bowl basket and a hanging rod, and the seasoning, spatula, spoon, and chopsticks can be stored in a centralized manner, making the kitchen more neat and orderly.

5. As far as possible, choose an under-counter basin for the sink, and sweep the water directly into the sink when cleaning, which is convenient and fast. The position of the sink should be chosen as far as possible under the window. The lighting and ventilation are good, which can reduce the decay of the kitchen plate cabinets.

6. Integrated ceilings can be used for lighting and ceilings. At present, this type of technology is very mature in the market. The choice of design styles and installation are very convenient, and the price is relatively fair. It is a relatively economical choice.

How to match the color of the decorated house?

1. When we match the color of home decoration, we should consider its decoration style. For example, the modern minimalist interior decoration mostly uses black and white as the main color of the house. The Mediterranean style is usually blue and white, and the European style likes yellow.

2. When we match colors to the interior, it is best not to match more than 3 colors on the wall. The color of the ceiling is lighter than the color of the wall. Of course, we can also choose the same color as the wall. It's like the color of the wall is darker, giving us a feeling of lightness and weight.

3. The color of the furniture we choose should not form a strong comparison with the color of the ground. When we use colors to create a sense of layering in a living room, we must follow the principle of shallow walls, deep floors, and deep furniture; or walls, deep floors, and shallow furniture.

4. When we match the color of home decoration, we must also consider the sensory effect it brings to us. Different colors give us different feelings. For example, orange is a vibrant color. It is more suitable for decorating living rooms and restaurants. We can match dark or light-colored furniture to orange spaces. There are some black lacquered wood decorations on the wall, and a white vase can be placed in front of the wall. Orange can also be paired with cyan.

5. When we choose the indoor color, we also need to consider the orientation of the house. For example, the room facing the south has a longer exposure time to the sun. We can choose a cool color, and the house facing the north has less sunlight. We can choose a warm color. The best color for light colors.

6. We can also choose colors according to the structure and shape of the house. For example, if our house is relatively small, we can use a cool color for the house, which can make us visually feel that the house is wider.

For the decoration of the house, we still have to pay attention to the design of the space area of our own house. We must pay attention to the overall design method and effect. We must pay attention to the relevant preparations for the decoration of the house. Pay attention to the color matching. The choice of furniture must be based on the ground. 2. The color of the wall is coordinated so that it looks more comfortable and beautiful.