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Wallpapers Give You A Different Home

Jan 06, 2020

     Under the concept of "light decoration, heavy decoration", modern home design attaches more importance to the decoration of the largest visual area on the wall, and wallpaper has gradually become the leader leading the soft decoration of the modern home. These colorful wallpapers not only enrich the expression of the home, set the style of life, but also reveal the taste of the owner in the details. In recent years, as the transaction of second-hand housing has gradually become the mainstream of the city, it is also economically convenient and immediate to renovate the walls with wallpaper to make the bedroom look new. I hope these classifications will help the selection of home decoration wallpapers. After all, the quality of wallpaper selection will directly affect the effect of home decoration.

▼ both style and beauty

Unlike paint, a good wallpaper is not only a decorative material but also a work of art that you can use to appreciate it. Modern wallpaper design seeks creative inspiration from all over the world, and the design is more diverse. Modern minimalist style, Nordic style, British style, American country and classic, neoclassical style, avant-garde street style, new Chinese style, mix and match exotic styles have different styles, each with its own beautiful effects. Many customers often face a dazzling variety of wallpapers with "chaotic flowers gradually becoming charming", so before choosing, they must have a basic grasp of the overall decoration style, and choose according to the personal love and aesthetic taste of family members.

▼ Material and environmental protection are valued

Wallpapers not only have a variety of styles, but also different materials. Wallpaper materials include cloth surface, cloth pulp fiber (non-woven fabric), wood pulp fiber (pure paper) pulp composite, natural materials, etc., some of which are made of silk, velvet and natural hemp fiber, which are more luxurious. Modern homes pay more attention to the environmental protection of materials than ever before. In general, materials such as wood pulp fibers, cloth pulp fibers, and cloth surfaces have advantages in terms of environmental protection and are widely used. Wood pulp fiber wallpaper has good air permeability and the most abundant varieties; cloth pulp fiber wallpaper is more flexible, strong and durable, and is popular; the higher end of the cloth wallpaper can create a warm and elegant atmosphere unique to the room

Function and space

▼ For home wallpaper, used in different function rooms, the emphasis on wallpaper selection is also different. The living room is a place for visitors, with a large area, mostly with soft tones and simple patterns. The bedroom is a more private place with personality preferences. The elegant wallpaper is more conducive to creating a warm and comfortable space. If the color is prominent, consider local paving behind the bed. The study room full of dense ink is more suitable for wallpapers with stories and themes, fresh and elegant is better than gorgeous. The restaurant should be simple and fun, with lively colors that can stimulate appetite, solid-colored walls look clean and rustic, and elegant patterns highlight the warmth of family reunion.