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The Latest Interior Design Trend Is Wallpaper On The Ceiling

Jan 15, 2020

     Forget boring white ceilings — the big interior design craze these days is covering the fifth wall in the room with wallpaper.

    While the idea isn’t entirely new — it’s been around for a few years — it’s quickly becoming more mainstream, with examples popping up on design blogs, Pinterest and Instagram.

“(Wallpaper) can be used to create so many different effects depending on your design vision for space,” Jennifer Stoner, an interior designer in Richmond, Virginia, told TODAY Home. As for using it on your ceiling, she said the key is "to strike the perfect balance and scale in the room."

So, how bold should you go?

“A room that has a lot of different patterns such as a living space or bedroom with a variety of fabrics may benefit from something a little more subtle or textural,” Stoner advised. “And a room with less competing patterns, such as a bathroom or a dining room can handle a more boldly patterned paper.”

Summer Thornton, an interior designer in Chicago, said it’s also important to choose the right color for the paper.

“It will cast that color light across the entire room which can further impact the mood and feeling of the space,” she explained.

“White ceilings have been so common because they reflect a lot of light, and that light is neutral in color, but a wallpapered ceiling changes that,” she continued. “It absorbs some of the light and adds a color hue so you want to be sure you have plenty of lumens to keep the space bright and that you're okay with moody lighting with a bit of color.”

As for installation, the designers both agreed this is not a DIY project.

“This is for professionals only,” Thornton said. “There's no room for error.”

That’s because it’s not only difficult to wallpaper overhead, but you also want to be sure seams are hidden. A wallpapered ceiling catches the eye, so you want it to look great and not like a botched home improvement project.

“On the flip side, if you're afraid of the commitment or expense, try a temporary paper,” Stoner said. “These are becoming more and more popular, and they are removable much like contact paper. This is a great way to stick your toe in the water without wading all the way in.”

The results could be stunning, though.

“I think a wallpapered ceiling creates a feeling of coziness that wraps around the people in the space, but it also draws the eye up, creating something unexpected and interesting to look at,” Thornton said. “It creates a moment of surprise and delight that brings life to a room.”

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